Berliinis oli täna suur rassismi-, natsismi- ja kapitalismi-vastane meeleavaldus

Saksamaa pealinnas Berliinis toimus täna punalippude lehvides suur rassismi-, natsismi- ja kapitalismi-vastane meeleavaldus, millest võttis osa eri andmetel 150 000-250 000 inimest.

Saksamaal on seoses massilise migratsiooniga pead tõstmas rahvuslus ja natsism, seetõttu nähakse vajadust sellele vastu seista.




Liam O’Hare on Twitter

Huge anti-racist demo currently happening in Berlin. It goes for miles and miles.

Kasia Wojcik on Twitter

It is an honor to be marching with 250.000 people on the street today. #unteilbar is magical.

OxSWP on Twitter

Over 100,000 against the Nazis in Berlin today. #StandUpToRacism #NazisOffOurStreets #Unteilbar #Indivisible

Jan aus Berlin on Twitter

Meanwhile in #Berlin: 242.000 stand united against #racism & #FarRight. Love this town! #unteilbar #B1310

Lotte Leicht on Twitter

Unteilbar Today, thousands of people are gathering in #Berlin protesting the rise of far right-wing politics, intolerance and fear-mongering. Their message is clear; hate, racism and discrimination should never be normalized and have no place in society. Pic via @dwnews

DW News on Twitter

unteilbar protests in Berlin today. Organizers say about 242 thousand participants.

Liam O’Hare on Twitter

Estimates of over 150,000 people at #unteilbar anti-racist demo in Berlin. Loud, colourful and diverse.

Xavi Ruiz 🎗 on Twitter

✊🏼 More than 100,000 people have been marching in Berlin to protest against xenophobia and the rise of the far right.

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