Maailm leinab Turu rünnaku ohvreid

Kõikjalt maailmast saabuvad kaastunde- ja leinateated seoses reedese Turu pussitamisega. Ohvreid leinab kogu maailm.

Donald Tusk on Twitter

Europeans stand with #Turku. Our thoughts are with the victims and all affected by another cowardly terrorist attack on innocents.

Boris Johnson on Twitter

My thoughts are with those affected by the attack in Turku and their families. The UK supports our friends in Finland at this tragic time

EP President Tajani on Twitter

Terrorism will never win. We will fight hard against these cowards. I am close to Finland, its people and the innocent victims in #Turku.

Exteriors Catalunya on Twitter

Condemnation of the terror attack in #Turku (Finland) from Catalonia. We convey our solidarity. We stand united against horror and barbarity

Dave Cad on Twitter

Just heard about Turku. My heart goes out to anyone affected by this maniac. Stay safe out there guys <3

David Vance on Twitter

13 dead in #Barcelona. 1 dead in #Cambrils 2 dead in #turku Islam brings death, Merkel brings more Islam. Do the maths.

Policía de Madrid on Twitter

As news continues to emerge in #Turku, our thoughts are with those affected by the attack. We stand with our police partners

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